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Raquel & sarah: showing off their cute little asian asses in tiny micro thongs -thong hottie.

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Raquel and Sarah were two hawt Asian thong bikini cuties that modeled mini micro thongs for me one day. As ya can admire they were both looked hawt as hell in those little thong bikinis I gave them. It was a dazzling day at the beach that day and the sun was just culminating to get some real perfecto explicit beach photos of these two gorgeous Asian bikini ladies.

At first it was a little bit hard trying to assignment and maneuver around two hawt models at the same time, but since these to Asian cuties were most incredible fiends it worked out quite substantially. Chiefly in the beginning when they were changing into their thongs I gave them to wear. It was incredibly angelic watching them check each others thongs to notice how they looked on them.

The shoot went incredibly amply and both of these hawt Asian bikini ladies had a wonderful time playing around and posing for me on the beach. I had them attempt on a couple different suits and took lots of thong potraits of them doing all sorts of things like bending over and sticking their asses out and stuff like that. They both were wearing mini micros for the end of the bikini session and that particular thong style is incredibly revealing! Click here and check them out some more.

Tina: nasty little bikini slut with a sweet little ass shows off her pink beaver -ass thong.

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Tina was a smoking-hot little blonde that was a little on the bad nasty sweetie side. Her juicy backside just begged for attention as she posed. She was a little on the naughtie side and was trying to see how far she could go before she would get off. When she was laying by the pool she kept rubbing herself and getting all wet and turned on. ya could inform she was getting wet and turned on because she kept sqyuirming around and fidgeting with her bikini thong.

She had a tight little bodie and when it was time for her to get exposed I was amazed at how wicked she was. In fact I had to sloow her down a bit because I need to get enough full bikini picture to use later on. So off came her top unveiling a a plus little pair of pert jugs that looked extremely tender. Most magnificent of all she had real jugs! I’m a jumbo fan of real tatas. Don’t get me inaccurate, fake jugs are super to, but nothing compared to great naturals!

The most jamup part of this bikini date is when she undressed down to nothing! Yes! That’s right, she just got stripped as a jaybird and was strutting around. It was super as hell as she bent over and spread her legs and stuck out her tushy and spread her cheeks. She had one of those wholesome tight pink bungholes that didn’t have a hair on it. She desired to play with it but I stopped her. No just kidding! Step inside and check-out her x-rated thong pics!

Tashia: showing off in her tear drop extreme micro thong -bikini girl.

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When Tashia first sent me her gratis photos for consideration, I essentially fell on the floor. She has the classic California Blonde Surfer Model look that all thong bikini worshipers long to admire. She is young, blonde, and has a killer bikini body with choice perfectly shaped B cup titties and angelic little dimples on her cheeks.

I had to make a special trip out to California to assignment Tashia. Then she had to cancel our first assignment date due to a sudden clip casting call she had to do. I stayed an extra day just to assignment her and it was surely worth the wait. I spotted her a mile away as she pulled into Santa Monica at the beach where I was waiting. Her stupendous blonde hair was flowing in the wind as she pulled in in her baby blue convertible. What a site to view as she waved and then got out of her automobile. I could just inform that this was going to be a yummy shoot. She was hott, fresh, and had a keen personality and attitude. What Smokin hott Jugs & Rump, oh my.

Even though we had discussed how tiny these bikini really are, she was shocked when she saw them in person. She showed me her fittingly trimmed vagina and said that she should have shaved more. I secure her that it would be hott just the way it was. Her adequate trimmed pubic hair displaying on each side of the Tiny Micro Bikini Bottoms was awesome. She was a little bit timid and we started to draw a crowd of horny spectators as the gig progressed. We could not get too wicked and insane because it was a public beach and now the zest guards drove over and were watching too. Her soft round tits slipped out of the small tops a few times as she ran and played on the silky sand, but she was quick to harness those babies back in shortly so we would not be arrested.

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Rachel: extreme bikini milf exposes it all ,sexy girl.

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We would not be complete at Beach slut without a few MILFs to feast your eyes on. At first I was not going to appointment Rachel. But then one of my older buddies said “ya have to rendezvous her. Look at those enormous jugs”. So I reconsidered and scheduled the session. Am I ever glad I did. Rachel turned out to be one of the most fun and easiest models to work with.

She laughed when she saw the Mini Micro and Peek-A-Boo String Bikinis. She said “this is going to be fun”. She was stripping out of her cloths in seconds. This woman was not unsure at all. She put on the purple mini micro bootie and pulled it up and down between her meaty meat flaps until she go it positioned scantly covering her meat flaps. When she bent over to pick up the small little top I got my first peek at her Fantastic Backside Spokes. Right then I knew it was going to be a wonderful day. She saw me gawking and spanked her backside hard as to say, “ya like my bum don’t ya”. Oh yeah!

It was fun to watch her attempt to cover Her enormous Nipples with the small mini micro top. It was like pasties with strings. As I started to shoot, she got down to business. Being a fitness competitor she had all of the seductive moves. She was bending, spreading, pulling, and dancing all over the beach. I was having a hard time keeping up with her. I think her enormous rack were out of the small top more than they were in, which was gorgeous with me. I was really having fun and getting into her with all of her enthusiasm. She just had so much energy and loved displaying off all of her bodie. She pulled her top down to expose those Jumbo Fat rack as she spread her legs wide and pulled the bikini backside to the side to present her meaty coochie lips and that stupendous set of tushie spokes.

ya will crave to spin Rachel’s spokes today and everyday Right Here, Right Now!

Alicias: extreme thong string sucked deep into ass closeup video -thong girl.

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The mini micro thong is one of the smallest thongs out there. Not too many thong women can pull off wearing one of these. They are about 1 inch wide at the top and taper down to a spaghetti string. When a slut bends over and gives ya a choice bum shot while wearing a mini micro ya are guaranteed to encompass a little more than ya bargained for. I’m talking extreme folks! The most x-rated thongs out there!

alicias was a accomplished sweetie to wear one of these mini micros. She had an bottom to die for, Hard and solid and the thong made it look like a million dollars. She looked so choice directed out on the beach. Looked like something out of a sports illustrated magazine. If ya loove tiny thongs and smooth backside then this is the site for ya. Tons of hott thong models.

Now most gals I appointment will get down and nasty. alicias was a little more diffident that most of my gals. Nevertheless we managed to take some hott mind altering thong pics. Trust me, if ya loove the thong then ya will loove these pics. Click here and preview all of our thong bikini gals!

Nikki pulls her thong to the side showing off her vagina ,hot babe

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Nikki was chilling out at the beach and I talked her into displaying off for the cam her luscious pink vagina. She was a lil skeptical at first but with a lil bit of support I talked her into pulling her thong to the side and displaying off her pink vagina.

It was tremendounsly quick at first. But after a few more encouraging lines she was all in that shit spreading her exquisite meaty meat flaps for the cam. I explained to her that most admirers like to watch models masturbate by themselves when they are trying to jerk out a load themselves. So at that she proceeded to ferociously fancy bang her wet cunt until she came. She was a lil embarrassed at first but after I slapped her in the face with my stiff pole she perked right up and was able to finish the shoot.

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Chloe’s bent over reverse thong cameltoe -thong babe

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Chloe Bent Over Cameltoe

Chloe had an incredible bod with an awesome cameltoe to die for. When she bent over and stuck that fine tushie out and up into the air her g-string sucked right up inside her pussy lips splitting them in two. Nothing but fine meaty puffy outer labia and some nice pink meat in the middle. Your mouth instantaneously starts watering when ya see her in this tremendounsly erotic position. We try to get in close so ya can experience it in full screen crystal clear clarity. fiery steamy snatch so close and in your face ya can almost taste it!

We specialize in real “hottie next door” types and try to bring ya widest variety of vixens possible. ya will never get bored with our selection as we believe in the age old motto that variety is the spice of life. All ya need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride while we bring ya the most extreme thong models on the net right to your computer screen. Full screen 720 x 480 DVD quality downloadable clips that ya can save and play forever. High resolution photographs so jumbo and crystal clear ya can make out the smallest details.

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Chloe and ashley: two girls one beach ii ,hot babe

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Two Models One Beach

The Chloe and Ashley appointment was a yummy success greatly due to the fact that these two models were smoking-hot for each others bodies like ya would not believe. Since the moment they first met each other they started begging me to assignment them together. I wish I could present ya everything they did here in this free promo vid, but I will save the most magnificent for the paying members as usual. Sorry about that.

I promise ya though after ya join ya will have full access to their full length vid download as amply as all of their high resolution photos. Not only will ya have access to these smoking-hot thong babes having fun with each other right out on the beach, but ya will also have instant access to all of our babes. The largest online archive of extreme micro thong bikini models on the net.

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Charlotte: big giant titties and a fat meaty cameltoe -thong hottie!

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This hawt thong bikini gurls name was Charlotte and she was a treat to appointment. I think she tanned in the undressed because she didn’t have any tan lines barely. I know I was in for a treat with her. She had a big pair of mammaries that were roughly the size of melons. Her nipples were nice also sitting right in the middle of her jumbo areolas. But the hottest part about here was her Moose knuckle!

I went ahead and started her off in a mini micro thong and when she bent over and stuck that bum out all ya saw was a topnotch puffy camel-toe coochie that would send a tingle down your spine. It was smooth as silk, not a hair on it. ya could also make out her tiny lil backside hole because it was just scarcely covered by the the thongs crack string.

Afterwards I had her slip that thong tushie off and slip on a 1 string, the kind that has 1 string in the front that goes all the way to the back. When she bent over in this one the back door tushie snapper view was pure heaven. This thong undressed her whole snapper. Her lips essentially just gobbled it up. Check it out!

Hot asian ass thong girls raquel & sarah show off their killer asses -thong hottie!

Posted by thonglover

Raquel and Sarah were two hott Asian thong bikini vixens that modeled mini micro thongs for me one day. As ya can encompass they were both looked hott as hell in those little thong bikinis I gave them. It was a hot day at the beach that day and the sun was just faultless to get some real great explicit beach photos of these two gorgeous Asian bikini ladies.

At first it was a little bit difficult trying to date and maneuver around two hott models at the same time, but since these to Asian vixens were most jamup fiends it worked out quite substantially. Wonderfully in the beginning when they were changing into their thongs I gave them to wear. It was very hot watching them check each others thongs to encompass how they looked on them.

The session went very substantially and both of these hott Asian bikini gurls had a wonderful time playing around and posing for me on the beach. I had them try on a couple different suits and took lots of thong pics of them doing all sorts of things like bending over and sticking their asses out and stuff like that. They both were wearing mini micros for the end of the bikini session and that particular thong style is very undraping! Click here and check them out some more.

Tracy: hot asian girl modeling the most extreme thong ever made -ass thong!

Posted by thonglover

In this set Tracy is wearing a one string thong bikini that is about the most extreme and xrated thong bikini on the face of the earth. I luve the one string thong because most of the time that string slips into position right up the middle of the honeys crotch and nestle right in between her vagina lips. This is so fiery!

Eventually after a while of this it can start to turn the hottie on scantly and ya will view them start to get a little moist and engorged down there. This is also dam fiery! Sometimes while doing these types of extreme thong shoots it’s not uncommon to have to ask the hottie to go for a quick swim to kewl down a little.

Finally we finished with the one string thong and decided to call it a day. We had taken a few hundred thong potraits and that was enough thongs bum vagina and mammaries for one day! I ended up shooting Tracy 3 or 4 times over the period of a month or so. I can’t wait to rendezvous her again. Stay tuned and become a member!

Stefany: explicit micro thong girl exposes her meaty pussy lips and natural breasts ,hot babe.

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Stefany was another one of those vixens that had a extremely special bod that looked stimulating in a micro thong bikini. I took a lot of photos of her in some of the most x-rated micro thongs available. Her bod was rocking like no other. Everything about her was appealing! Gorgeous face, choice fat natural d-cup jugs that hung perfectly. Choice bubble bottom that showed off a thong to it’s full potential. And to top it off she had a set of snapper lips that were unbelievable!Where’s the beef? She was precisely sporting the roast beef! I luve it when my bikini women have topnotch roast beef vagina lips. Stefany’s was smoking-hot as hell. I had her pose in several different thongs and each one her lips were hanging out the sides. They were extremely extremely seductive, strikingly when she would bend over and arch her back to stick that tushy out bottom far as it would go. It was a site to see and will be burned into your brain forever!

Her mammaries were luscious. Nothing better that a set of real natural d-cups. No fake titties on this thong woman! I was surprised that she had such a flawless slim bod and still had such gigantic boobies and appealing bottom. Usually hotties with real titties that jumbo are a little on the chunky side. Stefany was adept! She conclusively put the extreme and xrated in this site. ya might accept to checkout some more bikini photos of her so click here and check out her extreme micro thong photos!

Layla shows off in a white mini micro and exposes her bald pink pussy ,sexy girl!

Posted by thonglover

There is no other way to put it than Layla was a complete freak when it came to living the vigor as a thong honey. She loved the thong, everything about it. The way it felt as it rubbed against her flower or across her lil bunghole. Her long legs, slim body, and tight lil rear was rockin!

She was nice and thin with tiny mammaries, and so charming it was nearly evil. I met this woman in the club one nite. She was freaky as wicked dancing all over the place. A real attention luvr. She had a circle of observers crowded around the dance floor just wishing they could get a piece of that, me being one of them! She was wearing a thong under her mini skirt and some kind of bra top.

Now I’m not a vain person at all and I usually never mess around with any of these models because I have a girlfriend that would chop my nuts off if she ever got wind of any of that. But hey it’s still exquisite to dream. Well my dream came true this nite. Turns out that this vixens boyfriend was in the club that nite and was giving her a hard time for acting like such a lady. I was just in the right place at the right time as this fuckwad was giving her shit I grabbed him by the back of his neck and gave him an attitude adjustment. The rest is history. The next day Layla was chillin at my crib getting nasty out by the pool :-)

Masha: puffy nipple one piece slingshot extreme micro thong beach girl ,sexy babe.

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Masha was another bikini girlie with incredible engorged nipples! Hers really swelled up and looked just like a Volcano! There is something about puffies that just drives me insane, I especially like to watch them as they swell and engorge as the bikini dolls get turned on and exited during the thong shoots. Masha was a real hottie and she had the whole package going on. hot face, super tits, wonderful rump, it was all there from dream box to toe.

Masha liked modeling the one piece sling shot micro thong. Not all dolls can pull off wearing a skimpy lil thong like that but she did with no problems whatsoever. The sling shot bikini thong she wore was a black admire through mesh style that bare her swollen nipples and shaved snapper mound. When she was posing she was extremely uninhibited and really didn’t mind spreading her legs and unveiling her crotch for some extreme up close potrait.

Towards the end of the assignment Masha was extremely turned on wearing that lil thong bikini because when she pulled the front of it to the side and nekid her bald snapper ya could utter that it was a astonishing bright pinkish red and that her lips and vilva were swelled up barely. It looked so exquisite I could scarcely stand it. Puffy nipples, kewl tushy, gorgeous face, she had the whole thong bikini beachmodel package going on. Don’t wait, check out her full size pics today!

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